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Our comprehensive online coding bootcamp transforms you into a job-ready programmer in 12 weeks. No experience required. There are plenty of books, videos, and tutorials out there, but if you’ve ever tried learning on your own, you know it can be very difficult and overwhelming. We take a different approach by offering one straight-forward, complete curriculum along with live mentorship and support.

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Earn on average $100,000.
Entry level median $53k.

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Get guidance and support whenever you need it so you’re never stuck. The program includes over 160 high quality, easy-to-follow streaming videos, with code samples, downloadable files, and an e-book detailing how to get hired and earn a developer’s salary in the next year. No experience required.

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A 12 week program that covers
everything you need to know.

Learn the skills needed to be an employable web developer. The course covers basic to advanced full-stack web development job skills. Learn front-end and back-end coding with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, HTTP, Git, Linux, Databases, API’s, SaaS, e-commerce and more.

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Build a portfolio of 11 sites
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You’ll have fun building technology that is practical like user profiles with login & logout, a personal site, a subscription service, collecting credit card payments, email notifications and more throughout the course. You will use the things you build as your portfolio to get jobs or start an online business.

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What our students are saying.

“I cannot stress enough how well organized your course is. You are a great teacher I can’t wait to learn more from you. Would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about learning web development in a digestable manner.” – Gary Calhoun

“I have seen other courses on web development but have to say what Rob has prepared in this course blows everything else away. The patience he shows in explaining each individual part that makes the applications work is amazing; his instruction is clear and his voice is easy on the ears which has been a big let-down in other courses I have followed.” – Mark Moran

“The course content was really helpful for building complete real web applications including database integration/jQuery/HTML/CSS/JS. This is a complete one stop learning course for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced web developers. It’s really worth it to spend the small amount and learn so much in a complete course. I highly recommend going through this bootcamp to get maximum knowledge.” – Min Khati, Rails and Javascript Developer

“Before taking this course I had learned Ruby and Rails in parts from some sources and didn’t really have the courage to move full on. Thanks to Rob for this amazing course which may be arguably one of the best course experiences out there. He is not only knowledgeable but generous with his explanations and will never hurry you; and makes you work in a meaningful way. Rob is not just thorough with the subject matter but has a great sense of humor! I cannot applaud enough for his responsiveness on the discussion forum. If you are remotely interested in learning web development then look no further. You will be glad you took this course. You’d be silly not to jump in and start this course!” – PJ Joshi, Web Developer

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At Coder Manual, you’re not alone in your journey to learn how to code. We’re here to help every step of the way and we enable students from around the world to connect with each other for guidance and support.

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