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Course Overview

An interactive coding bootcamp that makes you employable.

Our curriculum draws from personal experience. Sign up and get lifetime access to over 160 HD videos, code exercises, and an e-book that will help launch your career as a job-ready web developer. Choose from a 12 week track, an 18 week track, or learn at your own pace. Build real apps and get live help from your peers.


Setup & Basics

Easily set up the tools you need for programming and learn core concepts that will prime your mind for a great learning experience. Get excited! You’re now an apprentice artisan of the web.

servers http IDE’s

Full-Stack Deep Dive

Dive in immediately and get hands on experience building a custom blog using Ruby on Rails and front-end languages like HTML and CSS to get a sense of the various parts of a web application. Blogs are one of the most common types of software on the web today!

html bootstrap rails databases servers


Learn all about HTML so that you can create structure for your web pages and fill them with content. You’ll also find out how to launch a great looking personal or brand website in 20 minutes with your own URL and servers.

html templates domains web hosting servers


Develop your CSS chops so that you can control fonts, colors, layouts, placement and more. You’ll also learn a few cool tricks along the way to impress your friends.

html css bootstrap

Javascript & jQuery

First, you’ll learn about the Javascript language and use it to add exciting interactive qualities to your web pages. Then, you’ll learn about the jQuery library and add interesting effects and animations to really bring your pages to life.

html css javascript jquery


Achieve programming zen with the Ruby language. You’ll love how clean and simple this language appears as you use it to learn principles of object-oriented programming.

ruby object-oriented programming

Build a Startup with Ruby on Rails

Build and launch an actual startup web app. You’ll create a membership-based web application that uses the “freemium” model: allowing your users to sign up for free or pay a monthly subscription fee. You’ll build features found in sites like Facebook and Dropbox such as user profiles, sending messages, uploading files, and the ability to accept credit card payments and setup subscriptions. You’re free to use 100% of the code for your own software-as-a-service business or online store.

html css javascript jquery bootstrap ruby rails git databases servers http API’s object-oriented programming

Get Advanced with SQL, Angular, Node, & Theory

Work through a carefully curated set of training resources to get even more real app-building experience with advanced Javascript, Test Driven Development with Rails, AngularJS, Node.js, SQL databases, and study computer science from content offered directly by top universities including Harvard and Stanford.

javascript angular node tdd rails databases servers http API’s cs101

Continuing Education and Getting Hired

Refine your skills and learn where to find the best web developer jobs. Learn how the pros keep their skills sharp. After all, coding is best learned by doing. You’ll also get a downloadable e-book that is full of useful information and guides to walk you through getting hired and loving your new job.

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advanced programming key terminology e-book

A fraction of the cost of a college education.

Coder Manual makes it simple and affordable for anyone worldwide to become a job-ready programmer by taking a straight forward approach to education and job prep.

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